About Me

Hello! I’m Adam, based in NYC. I’m a passionate and creative UI/UX Designer with experience in creating highly polished Interfaces for the web and mobile.

I started in web design since I was a teenager who grew up listening bands like Spice Girls or Backstreet Boys… good s**t. Now, you might guess how old I am. From very beginning I’ve been a self-taught guy, specially when I love something.

Besides working as freelancer for a long time, in 2014 I co-founded the startup Cupote where we worked for almost two years. This is not a kind of a happy story, I’m not Mark Zuckerberg and we didn’t work in our garage.

Currently I’m working as a freelancer and on contract basis with a design agency, But in the past I have worked with some great clients and delivered amazing products which users enjoy.

I have 5 years of experience as a designer and also have the ability to bring concepts to life through creative front-and-developement for smaller projects. I love everything that has to do with product & visual design, mobile & web projects as well as branding, typography, and animations.

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