Hello! I’m Adam, based in NYC. I’m a passionate and creative UI/UX Designer with experience in creating highly polished Interfaces for the web and mobile.




User Interface Design


User Experience Design


Video & Motion Design


User Experience Design

Currently I’m working as a freelancer and on contract basis with a design agency, But in the past I have worked with some great clients and delivered amazing products which users enjoy.

I have 5 years of experience as a designer and also have the ability to bring concepts to life through creative front-and-developement for smaller projects. I love everything that has to do with product & visual design, mobile & web projects as well as branding, typography, and animations.

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Modern design and creative

For me, the design it is the quality of life. Good design has little to do with trends. Designers

The main thing for the designer

Modern design and a lack of love dilettantism. Looking for such designers, which all use a little beauty and