Best Pet Adoption Agency In Town

If you are looking for a means to adopt helpless animals who need a new home, then TigglyPuff is the perfect agency for you. We will help you find the perfect forever furry companion, and provide you with any and all types of services that you need in taking care of your pet. From seamless adoption processes to pet training, and even grooming, we provide it all!

Adoption Chart

Adopt Dogs


Adopt Cats


Adopt Rabbits


Adopt Birds


Adopt Hamsters


Pet Walking

We will take your pets on walks around town when you can’t

Pet Day Care

Busy for the day? We will look after your pets with love and care

Pet Adoption

We will help you find the perfect pet for adoption in no time

Helping Homeless Animals Find New Homes

TigglyPuff provides the highest-quality care, shelter, and dedicated adoption services for all the lost and homeless furry friends that are seeking a new foster family and a forever home.

Customer’s Feedback


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“TigglyPuff provides the best adopting plans and services to adopt cats! The entire process of adoption went by super smooth, and they are always available with outstanding services.”

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