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Social Impact

This is the first of the social impact projects that we have faced as a way to empower entrepreneurs whose projects and vision captivated us, and in turn, we saw the clear possibility of helping them in any of the disciplines in which we specialize. (Strategy, Branding, and Design, Digital Product, UX/UI)


Initially, this project was going to focus on the development of the new UX/UI design of the app, but as the research and immersion stage progressed we understood that the success of the Hablalo app did not depend solely on its user experience. Reaching the greatest number of people in the world with a message that would overcome taboos and cultural prejudices was vital for the project, which is why we decided to rethink the Hablalo app as a brand and product in an integral way.

“Háblalo logotype refers to a smile, perhaps one of the most universally recognizable positive non-verbal gestures”

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