Social Icons

Generate new leads displaying social media platforms vibrantly with Social Icons block. With versatile icon styles, shapes, and alignments, you can easily reach out to a wide range of audiences and engage them accordingly.


Limitless Content Customization


Responsive Preview Controls


Infinite Styling Possibilities


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Create Social Icons By Following This Tutorial

Social Share Circle Demo

Customize social icons alignments and icons divider to place them in the proper section of your website to keep your content organized.

Social Share Square Demo

Attract your customer interest with interactive square-shaped social icons to boost your global fame as well as provide a sleek outlook

Social Share Square With Hover Demo

Generate new leads globally with an exciting hovering effect and various coloring options on your social icons

Social Share Black Circle Demo

With versatile styling, responsive layouts, and sleek black design make your social icons beautiful on any website you want

Social Share With Shadow Effect

Improve your site aesthetics in a trendy way with a wonderful shadow effect on your social icons and provide your users with a stunning experience

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