Instagram Feed

Connect your visitors socially with Instagram Feed block from Essential Blocks and convert your visitors into customers. With an advanced sorting process and versatile overlay, increase your sales with credibility and trust with social proof.


Limitless Content Customization


Responsive Preview Controls


Infinite Styling Possibilities


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Add Instagram Feed On Gutenberg

Instagram Feed Sort (Least Recent)

Sort your news feed as per your preference to keep your potential customers updated about your upcoming offers and sales

Instagram Feed Sort (Most Recent)

Add as many images you want with a responsive and customizable square thumbnail to give your Instagram feed a charming look

Instagram Overlay Layout

Provide your Instagram content in a beautiful overlay layout with stunning and versatile border style with Instagram Feed and increase engagement

Instagram Card Layout

Change your caption, meta & header to gain you a boost in the local search engines. Choose any stylish typography or background image you want

Instagram With Feed Styling

Style your feed with proper margin & hover border style to give your customers an outstanding look as well as increase content readability

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